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Our Purpose

Post  ♣~Madysen~♣ on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:00 pm

Welcome to the Palmetto Study Group! Half of you are probably wondering what the purpose of this site is. The other half of you are more than likely wondering if I have a life. Unfortunately, I only have time to solve one of those little mysteries so let's get to that.

Here's how the story goes.

One day last week in A.P U.S. History (APUSH), I got back a test I'd studied my butt off for the night before. I'd made a 73. While it's not the worst of grades, it isn't anything I like seeing, either. And after starting at that D for a few minutes (because Mrs. Rollins was ticked about our grades and storming silently in her little corner, causing the entire room to become awkwardly quiet as well) I realized that maybe I wasn't doing something right. Maybe I wasn't studying hard enough or putting enough hours in-- Ah, yeah. That's it. What I realized was that I simply didn't have enough time to study!

And that's the case for most of you, right?

The thing is... We have lives. Some more interesting than others, yes, but every one of us students as PHS have lives outside of school. Most teachers (or the vending-machine-hating principals) either don't realize that or don't know what to do about helping us maintain our grades while maintaining our social lives at the same time. After making this not-so-revealing realization, I got to wondering how I could "fix" it.

Actually, I got to wondering if I would make it home in time to watch Ed, Edd, and Eddy because I'm just that nerdy.

But after watching TV, that's when I sat down at my wore-down desk and started thinking about the problem at hand. I wanted to get my grades up and at the same time, I wanted to have free time to do something other than homework. The only solution I could come up with was to form a study group. You know, getting together with friends to discuss material. It's something Nikki Reid brought up once--but never acted upon--and I hear it's much more effective than studying alone. However... When we're with friends, we tend to do much more than study. More often than not, we don't do any studying at all.

That brought up another dilemma to be solved. Forming a study group would definitely help (especially in APUSH) but how was I going to do this so that it actually worked? Well, that's where my only real area of expertise comes in handy: the Internet.

I'm not saying I'm an Internet guru or anything, but I do know my way around. Starting a forum online as a study group is not only effective, but it's fast, cheap, and looks pretty neat. Plus there's avatars. Who doesn't love avatars?

Thus the Palmetto Study Group was born! Using its ultra-super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and-- Oops. Been watching too many cartoons again. -_o

The purpose of this site is simple. Discuss and study subjects taught at Palmetto High School via posts and private messages. It's easy in that it allows you to check up on something for class while you're...say...at a friend's house (just steal their computer for a couple of seconds). You won't have to actually talk about the subject in front of your friend (who might think you're weird if you talk about school subjects outside of school...personal experience) but you can still study by reading up on what others post and posting some helpful notes or advice yourself.

I'm not expecting everyone to join and post a gazillion times a day or anything. I don't even expect you to post every other day if you don't feel like it. What I do hope to accomplish, however, is an environment where students at PHS can talk about class and help each other with studying, understanding, etc. Even if all you have to contribute is a message that says "The American Pageant is a terrible book", it's better than nothing! (Though I wish you'd post something else since we all know that. Very Happy )

As the moderator, I'll definitely be making contributions myself...such as an audio version of The American Pageant. Wink Oh, yeah. I have one. I'll also be helping with notes (because I went way ahead in APUSH notes on my trip to the beach) and if I can, I might even "hand out" a few helpful programs. Like digital calculators with the trig functions, for those of you who can't afford the fancy T.I. calculators.

And I know I'm talking an awful lot about APUSH, but I assure you, it's not the only class you can discuss here. Heck, they don't even have to be junior subjects. This site is for everyone--freshmen, seniors, juniors, and sophomores--and your level doesn't matter. You can talk about C.P. classes as well as Honors and A.P. and even T.P. Doesn't matter. The starting classes I've posted are the ones I'm taking as of now. If you take a different class, just start a new topic and post it! =3 The more topics and posters we have, the better.

So, yeah. That's the deal. If you know someone else who might join, let them know! Being the "wall-flower" dork that I am, I can't possibly reach out to everyone in school on my own. :-)

(By the way, you'll have to forgive the way I'm typing. I'm a writer. It's habit. =^_^= )

(>")> Madysen <("<)

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