Portable Microsoft Office 2007

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Portable Microsoft Office 2007

Post  ♣~Madysen~♣ on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:03 pm

After speaking to a few people at school about what programs they use at home, I discovered that most of them don't have Microsoft Office. Now, students can live without it, but it makes typing essays and preparing Powerpoints much more difficult. (Without Office, you have to do this at school, and everyone knows there isn't nearly enough time for that.) So. Because I love sharing programs (and finding them >Very Happy ) I've decided to share this one:

Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Type the letters, wait till the countdown reaches zero, and choose free download.)

It includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and that Picture Manager that I don't think anyone uses. Everything should work just as it normally does, with the exception of the "special documents" in Word. See, you can only make flyers and brochures and such if Word is installed. Since this is portable, you can't do any of that. Sad However! Typing documents and printing shouldn't be a problem. =3

And if you already have Microsoft Office 2007, you should download this anyway...because it's portable. And portable programs are just awesome.

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