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Portable Apps

Post  ♣~Madysen~♣ on Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:13 am

Portable applications are just that--software applications that don't take up space and that you can carry around (on a flash drive, for instance). A lot of the programs I show you will be portable. They will also be pre-packaged so that you don't have to install anything. :-D All you have to do is open the ZIP file that you'll download from each link I give you. Once you've opened the file, just select the folder that will be inside and drag it out onto the desktop or into another folder.

(This is called extracting. If you know how to extract using another method, then just do that. I don't have an extraction program with me right now and since they're all different, anyway, I figured I'd just give everyone the simplest method.)

Once the folder is out of the ZIP file, just open it and click the startup icon inside. This will usually be a picture or something. The program should start up after a few seconds and will work just like any other program. Very Happy Remember, as long as you keep the program in a specific location, you can also create a desktop icon for it. Just right-click the start-up icon and choose Send To > Desktop (create a shortcut). If you have any questions, just let me know. I realize I'm probably being a bit vague with description here. ^_^'

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